Invest in HYIP
(High Yield Investment Programme) turn-key project.
Our investing public has got the most bottom-line growth during the pandemic.
We invest in commercial finance companies with constant solid returns.
In the TOP 10 best investment offers.
Investments from
75 000 USD
We have already invested more than 4 860 000 USD
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Babitskyi is a professional investment management company.
First All-Ukraine Mutual Fund founders.
300+ investors from across the globe.
License NBU.
50+ staffer.
10 years investment activities and lending.
Superior Investment Programme 2019 in the nomination of «Well received».
We carry on public activities and working clear.
Invest together with us to the reliable loan companies.
Investing in the issue of speedy loans is a climbing trend.
For example, Ukraine loan companies profited net 415 000 000 USD. It is three times as much as the year ago when its marker was 145 795 000 USD. For reference, all Ukraine banking sector profited 2 205 000 000 USD at that time.
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Credit Union
Lending Centre «DARIUM».
Credits are sought-after forever, no matter the country's situation.
Highly lucrative investment with minor risk.
We invest in loan companies with verifying working business models, which most certainly earn profit.
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Trifling cheque with great interest of credit.
Profits tax
27% 9,5%.
Follow the investor roadmap with a 5-standards strategy.
Accompany investors on every investment milestone.
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Get the best Investment Projects.
Collaborate with investment attractive companies and organizations.
Diversify investment portfolios.
Find out more about
investment project.
What is the essence and gain of an investment product?
Which is the optimal amount to the entrance?
When will have the provided investments come back?
How much will you be able to profit after return on investment?
Which trend on investment projects, and how long will you be able to profit from that?
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Get passive income for the account
of investment asset management company Babitskyi.
You don't need to engage in the operational management of the business.
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Expert Concilium supports lending business.
ü We take upon ourselves all management and investment risks under the contract.
You receive official profit payments and quarterly records about a business.
The financial company with open structure.
Afford you the best and safety opportunity to enter a deal with optimal preferences for both parts according to Ukraine legal system requirements.
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Babitskyi brand background.
Roman Babitskyi
Maecenas, entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of the company. Chief of Council about questions of foreign investment and economic development of Ukraine. Chief of the supervisory committee in loan union «Prosto Groshi». Financial producer of Radio City. Chief of «Ostrovok Dobra» charitable foundation unit in Odessa.
Financial company «Empire». Foundation of financial company «Empire». The main business activity is financial consulting.
«Orange Finance» — rebranding FC «Empire» — the main business activity is financial consulting and citrus fruits import.
«Lime Credit Consulting» — FC «Lime Credit Consulting» foundation.
LC «Darium» — Creation of online platform «Loan Centre Darium».
«Lime Credit Consulting» — Opening representative offices in Kremenchuk and Zaporizhzhia.
«Mamedof Investment» — investment club «Mamedof Investment» foundation.
Starting loaning private customers by own means.
Have compiled 60 000 $ to finance tailoring womenswear enterprise. Investors' profit was 26%.
Have compiled 185 000 $ and financed enterprise whose main activity is export of timbers. Investors' profit was 25% per annum.
Presentation of an Award «Well received» in nomination «Superior Investment Project of the Year». Presentation of an Award «Odessan of the Year» to Roman Babitskyi.
Company rebranding «Mamedof to Babitskyi Investment Management».
Starting a collaboration with the UkrInvest club. Above 100 club members decided to trust us in their means.
Opening representative office of «Babitskyi Investment Management» company in Kyiv.
Opening loan center «Darium» in Kropyvnytskyi and White Church.
Goals on 2021
Starting fintech project, starting loaning online. Corporative investment fund starting.
Is written about us:
Relief welfare
We are supported:
Artem Maidan
Entrepreneur and investor. Founder of "Business Concentrate" forums, business club "PRIZMA Club" and business camps "PRIZMA camp".
Dmitry Karpilovsky
UkrInvest club founder.
Alexander Tikhomirov
Ukrinvest club founder.
Alexander Litvinov
Pro-rector of Research in ONEU, docent of Economic science, professor.
Alexander Kozyr
Producer, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, member of the Order of Merit 3rd and 2nd degrees.
Our partners:
Get the right environment.
By becoming our investment partner, you enter the community with other investors.
Leave a request, we will contact you and answer all your questions.
The opportunity to enter the closed club of investors with meetings.
For existing investors, we select exclusive offers for venture investments in high-yield startups.
What is the problem with investing in Ukraine?
Generally, investors have a personally galling experience of investing:

  • Lack of control finance market and protect investors' lawful rights. There are 12 normative legal acts about investing and investment, but there is no word about money of investors protective.
  • 90% of start-ups collapse during first life year.
  • The investor is on the bit by friends or relatives and investing in a project indiscriminately in it.
  • Swindle from the entrepreneur's side.
  • Bad money management — portfolio diversification absence.
  • Lack of time and knowledge for detailed checking of investing project.
  • Lack of leverage influence of bad investments restitution.

What are the largest risks for investors?
Investment commonly implies risks. That is why we recommend diversifying your investments to minimize risks. It means to refocus funds on several investment projects. For example, put up part to unsecured lending, part hand over to asset management company trade on the stock market.

Our investing direction (lending to private customers) is one of the most secure because there is an easy and obvious business model, and it is understandable how money is gain.

The schema of getting money is similar to commercial banks working. The company makes money off differences between % on deposits and % on credits. Only profitability higher.

Risks for directions such as venture investment, investment on the capital market are much higher. Even investing in real has too many pitfalls made it enough riskily.
What do we propose to investors?
  • Deposits with high yield and interest charges are regular.
  • Comfortable terms of a deal (the investor can choose a convenient graph for interest charges).
  • Warranty to pay-off differences in exchange in case appreciation of the currency.
  • There is a transparent business model. It is understandable how money is gain.
Company is registered like Credit Union, has license NBU, obey requirements and norms of Controller by reserves. That arranges its financial stability.

Also, the weight advantage of our investment product is low-level investor involvement.
Our business model.
Unsecured lending to private customers under 60 ­— 144% annual with average checkup 5740 $ (max 14445 $).

  • The company provides the complete cycle of money management.
  • The company takes upon oneself pretesting and verification of the borrower.
  • Preparation package of documents for loan formalization.
  • Convenient way granting of a loan on a credit card or cash.
  • Work with problem debts at all stages.
Investors do not need to get involved in investing process permanently in contrast to other investment ways, such as securities, real estate, investments to business.
What do we earn from?
Unsecured lending to private customers and private entrepreneurs is the main income-generating product of our company in 2021.

Loan purposiveness:

  • Education
  • Building
  • Сar repair
  • Refunding
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Purchase of equipment for a car
How do we prevent swindles?
To prevent fraud from borrows is generated own system loan scoring. It excludes the possibility of issues money to swindlers as a result of complex checking:

  • Checking all legal processes of the borrower and any related persons in which the person has passed or is passing as a party.
  • Checking by a register of declarations to determine employment place, income level, and having related parties.
  • Register acts of a civil event to determine relatives line of first blood relations and having children, twins.
  • Register of ownership to immovable property, register of encumbrances on movable property, register of debtors, and child support payers. These registers let to determine the history of ownership and any encumbrances ever held.
  • Checking passport data to lose, invalidation, falseness.
  • Checking of affiliation to political parties, public activities.
  • Checking by base all related persons and entrepreneurs.
  • Checking person photo to falseness.
  • Credit history office.
How is the deal processed?
  • There is a meeting at the company office and discussion conditions of collaboration exactly term, amount, interest rate, variants of registration.
  • Signing of the contract and depositing funds to the company's current account or through the cash register.
Payment procedure, %
Monthly, quarterly, every six months, once a year, or at the end of the term to the card of any bank or in cash at the company's office.

We warrantee an early refund of the deposit at any moment of cooperation.
Credit Union "Prosto groshi".
  • Second place about profit margin in common rating loan companies
  • Operating revenue and financial income in 2020 equaled 65 760 000 USD
Loans are always in demand regardless of the situation in the country.
  • If the situation in the country worsens, then the value of money rises.
  • If the situation in the country improves, then the value of money falls, but the business model of the loan company becomes more reliable, as the default decreases.
    Trifling cheque with great interest of credit. Money is issued at 2% per day, that is, = 60% per month or = 730% per year.
    • We perform an audit of investment projects permanently.
    • Test and improve a business model of investment.
    • Attend on company's supervisory council to be up to speed.
    Diversify investment portfolios such as short-term, mid-length, non-current capital spending projects.
    Collaborate with investment challenging start-up, value and venture capital fund, VC Incubator, IT-companies.
    The professional specialist team is following the company to be profitable. Carry out continuous control of the company's markers.
    • There are efficient business processes in our projects.
    • We provide strong risk management and minimize its.